Razorbacks soccer to host UALR on Friday

Arkansas soccer will host UALR at Razorback Field in the first round of the NCAA Tournament at 7 p.m. on Friday. Reaction from coach Colby Hale and junior Kayla McKeon:

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A$M is ranked and we are not, nor is Vandy. yes, I realize Aggies started year as highest ranked sEC program but both AR and Vandy have arguments to be ranked before Ags. How brackets were ranked is a mystery to me. Could easily and most likely will be a 2nd round match in Austin…


Wish Parker Goins was healthy and ready to go. We need her energy leading the team and her determination when the going is tough. LSU out toughed us and had quicker feet at the end Sunday even thought they had played over 400 minutes in the tournament…

If we get by the first and second round, then we might get home again especially if it is Mizzou or Saint Louis. Saint Louis is still a relatively rabid soccer city for US sports.

I haven’t followed our soccer program much. Thanks for your comments and keep them coming. From what I’ve read our program should consistently compete against anyone. :smiley:

I don’t follow soccer at all so I don’t follow Razorback soccer. Still, if there’s a UA team competing in a sport, I want the team to do well & win a national championship if possible. I don’t follow softball, but I was proud of the softball team last year. Hope the lady soccer players go deep into the tourney. I’ll try to keep up with them as it progresses.

Arkansas can compete with any team. The issue this year is that the Razorbacks have slip-ups against teams they should beat.

I wish Parker was healthy as well. Was painful to watch us lose to LSU in the fashion we did on Sunday and hated to see us miss on a chance to finally win a conference tournament title. We continue to get better on our soccer team year in and year out and they are fun to watch!! We can make a run if we play our game!

That shot LSU hit to tie the game was the soccer equivalent of U.S. Reed’s halfcourt shot – a prayer that was answered. Then we didn’t get it done in OT, and LSU is very good at PKs as we saw. The phrase in soccer was “against the run of play” – a team dominates the game, doesn’t cash in and the opponent gets a fluke goal. That was absolutely against the run of play on Sunday.

Our soccer team is always the bride’s maid, never the bride. Hope they can take care of business against UALR.

will we get the game vs Texas at home if we both win as should happen?? Swine is right, a 35 yard curler in at the 72nd minute from a team that by all rights should have been dead on it’s feet is bothersome. Corners are us could be our motto, oh for an Abby Wambach. Our goalie is not physically impressive and she feels like she has to battle a lot to get the win, fortunately she does. Keepers can rule and that is what the LSU goalie did to us. Our PK effort was flat out pathetic, no other way to put it. We need a fast start and then play with speed to put away Ulr with ease and gain some confidence. I’m afraid of an LSU hangover because we should have won in regulation and sometimes that is hard to shake. Right now it does not feel like we have momentum headed into the NCAA’s. Could be the Buffalo Bills or Denver Broncos until we break through??? If we want to host Texas then a big crowd vs UALR would help immensely.

This team will play hard Friday against UALR. That’s what they do. That’s what Colby Hale has instilled in his team, to play hard in big situations.

They are the team that no one wants to play. Yes, they have some talent. Haley VonFlossen is VERY talented, but she’s also a beast in the back end. She can play in the air, or take it off your foot. She is one of the best players in the country, period. Hale calls her a beast.

Arkansas has a swarming defense that overcomes almost everyone. They get two to the ball routinely and always win it. They grind on you in that way. This is a very good soccer team.

Offensively, Taylor Malham is terrific in mid field. She’s not the fastest, but she has a pure turn when she has you on her back and almost always she then separates from the defender and accelerates to the goal with a chance for a cross or a shot. Her turn with a defender on her back is like a swim move by a pass rusher. Boom she spins and it’s over. And, the ball is there and she is gone.

They come at you in waves, always with effort.

Will this team be ready? Yes. Will it be flat after losing the title at the SEC tournament after outplaying LSU? Yes.

I watched the game and most of the lead-up matches in the tournament. Arkansas did not allow a goal and not much of a chance to any team in the tournament until Shannon Cooke hit that shot. Someone here said 35 yards. Colby said 45 yards and I’ll go with that. He called it a “wunderstrike” and I’ll go with that.

It doesn’t matter how big the crowd is Friday night, we have no chance of hosting against Texas if we win. In fact most likely we would play Texas in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. UNC is the top seed in our part of the bracket and they would host a four-team regional next weekend.

Arkansas has wound up in the Triangle the past two seasons, too. The Razorbacks lost in penalty kicks to Clemson in Chapel Hill in the round of 32 two years ago and lost to North Carolina State in Raleigh last year.

I thought that was the case. We also got sent to Duke after winning our first-round game in our first NCAA appearance in 2013. So that would be four times in the Triangle. As it happens, I’ll be in North Carolina next Thursday, within 70 miles of the UNC campus. I might arrange to be there for the match with the Fallopians :slight_smile:

There are two seeds in our part of the bracket, UNC and #4 Texas. If they both lose this weekend, I suppose it’s theoretically possible for us to host next weekend. Texas plays VTech. Kansas plays Saint Louis. UNC plays Howard, which is a 1-16 matchup if I ever saw one, on Saturday.

I just looked at the forecast for Friday. High in the 40s, dropping down to 18 overnight. Bundle up, y’all.