Razorbacks sell out game against Texas

All seats in Razorback Stadium have been sold for Arkansas’ matchup against No. 21 Texas on Saturday:

I’m assuming the 64k number from the Rice game was tix sold? Don’t think there were that many there.

Believe it was tickets distributed.

It was hard to tell on TV, but when I heard the figure I thought it was consistent with what little I could see. The place looked pretty full. Only obviously empty spaces were in the NEZ where I’d expect on a hot sunny afternoon in September.

I don’t think there were ever more than 55k in the stadium. Not many at all in east upper deck, the students did not spill over into the south end zone upper deck, and looking down into the east lower bowl there were lots of open seats. It was also probably only about half full at best in the west upper deck. There was of course a lot of room in the Rice section, where there were only a few hundred family and friends, and no Hog fans filling in the upper part of that section in the NE corner of the lower bowl.

I will be very curious to see how many SRO tickets they sell for the Texas game.

I was guessing 50k - 55k as well. Not only were there lots of empty seats around us in the lower bowl, it looked like many across the field as well. I know there were plenty of spaces open in parking lots as well. We pulled in at 12:15 and had lots of open spots.

From what I could see on TV, low 50s for the butts in seats count looked about right. But I know if I had seats in the NEZ there’s no darn way I’m in those seats for a 1 p.m. kickoff on September 3. I either stay home or stay in the club area. And even the club areas can get a tad warm on a day like that. I roasted in EIC on a few September day games.

Too bad the game wasn’t played in my neck of the woods. Temp here in NC at kickoff time Saturday was 83 with 41% humidity, A very pleasant early September afternoon

I took a potty break mid 3rd Q. There were tons of fans in the concourse (rather than in their seats), probably due to hot conditions.

My guess is, more than 60,000 tickets were scanned.

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I watched from home Saturday, but every time they showed the crowd, it looked like everyone was fanning themselves. It reminded me of the Saturday afternoon game against NC State in the super regional in June when it was so brutally hot. It was almost hard to move around the concourse at that baseball game because so many fans had headed there to avoid the sun. People were sitting on the floor or just standing around in clusters, and several people had to get medical attention.

It looks like this Saturday’s game with the Horns will have similar weather. I’m glad it’s an evening game to at least help blunt the heat.

Does a sell out mean we hit 80k?

I was in the South end zone…it was a late arriving crowd….I estimate between 55,000 - 60,000. We certainly like our new seats in the South end zone….we were in the shade and we could leave and go into the air conditioned club for relief. We used to sit next to the student section…It was fun, but as we got older, we couldn’t take the September heat anymore.

Sell out means 76k.

Isn’t 76k the tally before they added seats in the north end zone a couple years ago. I think record crowd now is 77k for games back a few years before added seats.

Nope. Capacity before the most recent expansion was 72K. Expansion took it up to ~76K. They added about 5000 seats but took out about 800 IIRC. Record crowd was 76,608 for the Bama game in 2010 with those temporary bleachers on top of the SEZ.

I think official capacity before the NEZ was about 72k. I haven’t heard an official number for current capacity, but I think it’s around 76k. I didn’t realize they’d sell SRO tickets. So I guess we can get another couple of grand or more into the open area in the NE corner. There used to be room for temporary bleachers above the SEZ. I guess we could add more seats or standing room tickets there. I could see packing the place and getting just above 80k, especially if they count concessionaires, ushers, and people on the field like they once did.

It seems to me we ought to have two figures: tickets sold and tickets scanned. The problem with tickets scanned is that I’m not sure how accurate it is. It’s more accurate than somebody’s eyeball estimate

Well but I think his question is not the official tally of seats but what would be released attendance on a day of a full sell out. Record attendance is 76,808 v Bama in 2010. If we have added 4000 seats then 80k is possible. I don’t think it will happen but is possible.

We don’t have the bleachers on top of the SEZ any more, so that is out. The SRO area in the NEZ is, I think, baked into the 76K capacity, but I could be wrong, Could they announce a record crowd Saturday? Possibly.

The official capacity is now 76,212, by the way.

The record crowd against Bama included the temporary bleachers that were in the south end zone, they took those down years ago. 72K was the listed capacity before they added the NEZ.

You know I haven’t noticed that the upper deck in the south end zone is gone. Did they take that out when they put the big screen in that end? Aren’t there a few rows of seats above the suites in the SEZ?

That’s the temporary bleachers. There are still a few rows of bench seats on top of the SEZ as seen here: