Razorbacks Roundtable: Quarterbacks

Four quarterback-related questions for Clay, Dudley, Seth, Tom Murphy and myself: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … rterbacks/

“Although Starkel only started periodically for Texas A&M during his time there, he did play against five different Southeastern Conference teams (Mississippi State, Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama)”…And, oh, Starkle also QB’d against Wake in a bowl game wherein he threw for 499 yards.

And, lit the scoreboard up with 52 points. But, the poor guy lost the game because the A&M great defense gave up 55! That should give us hope for next year. I believe if Starkel can give us 52 points in an SEC game, even our defense can hold our opponent (if not Bama) to 48.