Razorbacks name 4 captains for 2022 season


The exact 4 I thought would be selected. Everything I’ve heard and read point to them as team leaders.


In your article you mention Pool is only 60 tackles away from getting Tony Bua’s all time record. I’m happy for him but sad for Tony. Though Tony can hang his hat on the fact is took a SUPER SENIOR to have the chance to pass him. I wonder how many other records around college football will be passed simply because of the Super Senior extra year of playing.

They use to talk about the Steroid era as needing an Asterisk on the records, makes you wonder if the Super Senior era deserves one as well.

Now before you roast me, I am in no way trying to throw shade on Pool. He is amazing. Super glad he came back. Just thinking about how this whole Super Senior thing will effect the history books and the records.

tough to not pick the center

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You’ve gotta remember that Bumper played a 10-game, SEC only, schedule to get some of those numbers. No asterisk required in my mind.

I wrote my 4 down before I looked. I missed one. I had Stromberg instead of Wagner. All four are great choices.

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