Razorbacks move up in coaches poll

Five of the top six teams in this week’s baseball coaches poll are from the SEC, including Arkansas at No. 6.

Hard to believe they still have Vanderbilt in the top 10 and they have lost five games… that’s ridiculous… they may be end up being top 10 worthy but they definitely aren’t right now


Over the years, I’ve noticed that the baseball poll, more than football and basketball, seem to be based on “where you think they will end the year” more than what their results so far have earned a team. I’ve never been in favor of that with a poll; other than pre-season, of course, when that is all you have to go by. A poll in season should reflect results to date only. If and when results later in the season indicate a slow -starter should be ranked higher (or that a hot starting team shouldn’t really be ranked that high), the rankings can so indicate at that time.

Just my opinion.

Vanderbilt’s pitching looks outstanding for the most part. The Commodores are also 6-3 vs. teams from the Power 5. They have probably challenged themselves as much as any team in the country to this point.


I think with Vanderbilt they’re all so giving them the benefit of the doubt of what they’ve done over the years…
I really don’t think they’re playing like a top 10 team right now with five losses… they are having a hard time scoring runs and like I said they may end up being a great team and very much worthy of being in the top 10 but they are not playing that way right now with five losses and no way they should be in the top 10 maybe about 20.

Yeah that’s probably true but when you lose five times and a couple of them are to teams like Central Arkansas and Loyola Marymount I don’t see that being top 10 Worthy…JMO

I don’t doubt the talent on their roster and it would be a major surprise if they did not compete for the SEC title this season. As they usually do.

But, that isn’t (or should not be, IMO) the purpose of an in-season poll. Like I said before, such polls should be about what you’ve actually done (W/L) to date in the season. IF you end up taking care of business…as many expect that you will…then your early losses will be mitigated with later successes and you will end up where you should. be. But a poll in week 4 of the season should not forecast where you will end up.

That’s a fundamental flaw with voting. That’s why they use RPI and other measurements in the many sports.

The metrics use someone putting in data and that contains bias, too.

The college playoff committee refuses to issue early ratings, a good thing. Eventually it does balance out.

For sure, it means little right now. It is to launch discussion. It does that.

The schools love it for publicity, too.

We are discussing it.