Razorbacks Make Wrong Kind of Statement (story)...

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Florida played a much tougher schedule and learned how to play defense together. Arkansas played against no good defensive teams before tonight. Offense does not practice against good defense either.

Hogs are going to let the opponent’s best scorer get hot in every game, because this system dares the opponent’s best scorer to shoot. Sometimes it matters.

Florida has those two great guards who are just so quick. They also have much more talent on the inside. They are clearly a better team than we are. We did our best and played pretty well, but the Gators are just superior in talent and whipped us with relative ease.

The Anderson system does not work with an opponent who has excellent guards. They just blew by us. We gave up way too many easy looks to Florida. They had open shots all night. We had trouble getting a good look.

They are just better than us.

Schedule cupcakes, play mostly home games and call a LR cupcake game a “neutral game”, and see how fast your credibility disappears when you start 0-3 in the SEC. This team doesn’t guard anyone very well and sure stands around on offense most of the shot clock. Headed for another underwhelming season if the NCAA only takes 4 or 5 SEC Teams to the dance.