Razorbacks in Rio

Learn about the 18 Razorbacks at this year’s Olympic games here: http://wholehogsports.com/hogsinrio

That’s a nice stat and perhaps a record for the Razorbacks. However, once they get to Rio, I hope none of the foreign Razorbacks beat Team USA atheletes. Although, I will concede one to Omar McLeod, who is the best in the world at 110M Hurdles and will win one of the three medals (probably gold) and push a USA hurdler off the podium. Omar is just too good right now.

When did we became “Pole Vault U”?

What an awesome showing for the Razorbacks.

Pretty much since we hired Bryan Compton as PV coach in 1998. Men have had a little PV success too, Andrew Irwin most notably, but not like the women.

Here’s my thought on that. Although there is some switching of countries in world sports, Olympic and otherwise, basically Omar McLeod or Tina Sutej or Dominique Scott can’t help where they were born. But they CHOSE to be Razorbacks. So I choose to support them. And, in all honesty, if they’re going for the gold against a US athlete who went to LSU or Oregon or Texas, I’m probably going to root for them.

Fair enough. I just lift myself from college sports to country sports in Olympics and at world level. The big reason is the medal standings don’t show colleges,but countries and I want USA at the top of the medal standings.