Razorbacks hire 2 analysts to assist defense

Posted this here because I did some checking on Hawthorne and a source in St. Louis said the hire is huge for recruiting in the area. One guy the source said to pay attention to is 4-star OL Myles McVay, who attends East St. Louis. We’ll see if anything happens here.

Also guess who he talked to back when he was recruited?

McVay is a big time prospect, he sure looks like the physical specimen CSP is after for his OL.

Since this thread originated as analysts, I opened this thread to see if Swine or LD, or anyone else from this board was hired. I’m shocked they weren’t!!!


What up?

Fred, I’m thinking Jeff would over analyze things. And I’d be talking about relationships. :wink:

LD, you get my vote. You exhibit greater clarity of thought and are less quarrelsome in personnel interactions, likely resulting in a more harmonious team atmosphere.

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I was intending to add Harley, but my iPhone is horrible in preparing messages. Can do on home pc, but hard when away from house.

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