Razorbacks have added 2 home games for '23-24

Arkansas basketball has added 2 home games to its 2023-24 schedule:

Sure hope we arrange some nice non-conference games with P6 teams. I see our SEC opponents are negotiating some good games. LSU and Kansas State, for example.

We are doing a good job of getting high mid-majors to come to BWA, which gives us a good NET rating. Hope that is not the entire focus.

Hope those two aren’t going to drag down our NET. Muss must be confident that they’ll improve next season.

Those two are usually good with an off-year here and there.

Probably not going to be much of that outside Atlantis and the ACC Challenge, which eat up 4 of the 13 NC slots. May or may not play the Paperclips in Tulsa again. And they like 17+ BWA dates plus the annual NLR game; we’re not going to play a P6 team in NLR and then have to return that game on campus.

I was surprised to look back and see there were only 16 BWA games last year; it’s usually more than that. Roadie in the Big 12 Challenge didn’t help. Neither did Maui; one or two of those games probably would have been in BWA. Same applies to Atlantis. Of course we don’t know if we’ll get home or road for this year’s ACC challenge.

The dates for those two games make it tough to slot in really good teams. I look for one more reasonably difficult game to be added the maybe a week after the Atlantis tournament, and beyond that we’ll just have to see.