Razorbacks go quiet after early HR

Really interested in team’s response today. Big game, Senior Day, lots of emotions. Razorbacks haven’t lost 2 in a row all season.

Definitely struggling on offense. 2 hits yesterday and only 2 hits so far today. Down 2 runs to MO in the t6th
MO is hitting Bloom pretty hard. I don’t understand why Bloom is still in there. Just gave up a GS!
Pretty much over. 8/1 now.

Our girls are beating themselves. Our pitcher is just serving it up to Mizzou players.

Mizzou up 8-1 after a grand slam.

What’s most irritating is their fans seem to have showed up and ours haven’t.

I know it’s not over til it’s over, but they have a lot of runs to make up with only 6 outs to go. MO is making some great defensive plays.

That grand slam shouldn’t have happened, we got hosed on an out that then created the grand slam.

I think the Misery “fans” you hear are the girls in their dugout. But they sound very loud when our fans aren’t making any noise at all.

If they can’t come back, this will only be their 2nd series loss. They came in a game and a half ahead of Fl. They only have one SEC series left and that will be at LSU. They are so close to breaking up the SEC championship monopoly of Fl and Bama.

Possibly true, but I do hear the M-I-Z…Z-O-U from the their fans. You know they have to do that to remind them how to spell because Mizzou fans can’t read.

Agreed. It would suck to start dropping the ball now. But no matter what, they have served notice that we are a team to contend with.

Absolutely, general!

My goodness! Mizzou is playing out of their minds right now and we can’t do anything right.

Our pitchers have pitched like crap today.

Getting whipped at our own game!
In our own park!

Arkansas is beating Arkansas. Mizzou is good but not this good.

Yep! Now defense is faltering. 3 errors so far. 2 this inning.

Well that was frustrating to watch. Mizzou could do no wrong and Arkansas could do no right.

Gotta avoid the sweep tomorrow.

I despise mizzou with every fiber of my being.

Bad game, bad series so far. Hate it for the girls. Come back strong tomorrow and salvage a win and avoid the sweep.
Exactly my thoughts too, general!

I heard something mentioned in the MO/AR game today and then I heard it again on the SECN show, “Rally Cap”, regarding a possible injury to Autumn Storms? Anyone know if there is something to this?
Would not be good news.

Why did Storms not throw today! We only have Chances to win Haff and Storms.

Deifel said in postgame it was a physical issue but didn’t elaborate. Also said they were taking a very conservative approach considering the time of the year

The error was what opened the door for the grand slam. Inning shoulda been over.