Razorbacks easily beat UAFS in exhibition

Read the article, but could not pull up a complete box score for the game. The women are going to be fun to watch again this year. Loads of talent.

Here ya go. Link → StatBroadcast® Systems - Box Score - Arkansas 92, Ark.-Fort Smith 62

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THANKS, VOTAN! My search turned up nothing. :flushed:

That link I provided… Stat Broadcast always have live stats and old stats. I generallyhave it open watching games so I can keep track of passing/rushing yards etc. Its also excellent while watching baseball games.

Only drawback is its a few seconds ahead of the broadcast if your watching tv so you will see things before they happen that way and you lose a bit of the surprise.

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The overall shooting percentages don’t seem up to par plus there seems to a significant scoring dip in the second quarter although the final two quarters were higher and near the same. Did we try a different set of players in the second quarter removing our better scorers? Just curious about the dip that in the end despite the good start and the solid scoring in the final quarter, prevented hitting the century mark.

I hope this team improves to the level of the talent he has recruited. Losing Sasha’s tenacity and court savvy I sense will be a hurdle this year but hopeful the additions will balance out her loss. At the SEC media day Neighbors tried to down played expectations but it seems important for the program to take a step up this year. No doubt the addition of Kim Mulkey coaching, and of more importance recruiting, at LSU should light fires at Arkansas and surrounding SEC schools. Despite Neighbor’s voicing his opinion that volleyball is hurting basketball recruitment that has apparent has not held Mulkey back as she landed talent from all sources. It seems to me that Neighbors is going to be required to turn it on this year to prevent a reversal for the program. I hope the program surprises by playing up to that four spot ranking with only Carolina, LSU and Tennessee ranked higher. No doubt Ole Miss, Bamba, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida will vieing for that upper tier as well. WPS!! s is

Neighbors said after the game (without watching film yet-- but feeling confident it would back him up) that he thought the pace changed in the second quarter from what he liked. He also said he didn’t have Makayla Daniels and Samara Spencer on the court together like he did in the first quarter, which likely contributed to the slower pace. He really wanted to use the game as an opportunity to test out different rotations and experiment with several groups. The scoring could have been much higher had the team not missed 21 free throws (25/46). Neighbors said it was going to be a huge point of emphasis in practice.

Thanks for the information on MD and SS absence in the second. The FT pct was was dismal and will require redress. I watched LSU last night against Langston and turned it off as how of hand. The Tigers had exceeded 110 about midway through the 4th quarter and could’ve tripled the score. Although these exhibitions are hyped as useful you wonder what the actual benefit might be in playing such obviously out-manned opponents. Bad habits and sloppiness seem more likely reinforced in such competition as well as not being focused while shooting free throws. The male practice squads would seem to offer a better opponents