Razorbacks doing best to block out negativity (story)

If they’re trying to block out it’s a good thing Mike Anderson is nowhere near NWA

I hope they more success with that then they did blocking out Kentucky…:laughing::laughing:

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I appreciate all the guys for trying to keep it positive. While I hope that is true for most of the guys, I still some negative stuff from players on Twitter.

I see where McClure says he is in the transfer portal, and people are now calling Morris a liar for saying McClure said he was going to focus on family and academics.

Parker is saying basically he isn’t getting a chance at LB.

This year we are hearing about how everybody knew last years locker room was terrible, though not much was said at all. Maybe hinted at. Guess we will see how all this plays out.

Winning will block out the negativity, being critical of players on twitter or facebook is not a good thing, coaches can tell them to stay away but they are going to be on there. The other side is the players are not kids anymore, if they continue to lose they will get lit up on twitter/facebook, get over it and respond on the field rather than the internet.

I think this speaks loudly about McClure and it is most definitely
not positive.

I think this is my biggest issue. In the past, if a fan (or another player) called out a player or coach, the next week that kid or coach would have a game. Now, we have a bunch of crybabies (both players and coaches in college or pros) that respond on social media, and say we are being mean. Quit whining, man up, and play (or coach). Period

Ha Ha, soooo true, LOL


It has changed so much in the way a coach can handle players or motivate players, I remember the 64 Tulsa game Tulsa scored to go up by 10-12 points I think. When Ronnie Caveness came off the field, Broyles grabbed him by the facemask/shoulder pads, nearly picked him off the ground & shook the hell out of him. Caveness went back in and recovered a fumble & intercepted a pass on the next two Tulsa possessions, think that was the Jerry Rhome, Howard Twilley Tulsa team. Hogs won 31-22
Coach did something like that these days, he would get fired or suspended for 2-3 games.

I remember that game well. I didn’t see the Broyles/Caveness interchange, but I like most were stunned the way Tulsa was torching us. Rhome and Steve Largent were great players at Tulsa.