Razorbacks are No. 16 in the preseason AP poll

Seth Davis at The Athletic released his ballot and had the Hogs 15th.

Seems low to me.

I agree. I kind of like it though. We won’t be as “hunted” as we should be early in the season. I also noticed that Illinois was 11th, which seems to be too low from other polls I’ve seen. That could be a huge game for early season rankings movement for them and the Hogs. That is, if we both take care of our opponents in the first games in KC.

If we take care of business in KC and beat OK in Tulsa, we’ll move quickly into the top 7-10 in the polls.

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Yeah if we play and beat Illinois we’ll get noticed real quick.

I find it hard to believe that our newly minted team will mesh together that early in the season. But, as you intimate, a win would be a stunner.

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