Razorback women coming together as nonconference ends

When they get their 2 post players back, I think they will do much better than the prognosticators think…and better than a NET of 18. And, if Dauda starts playing and living up to hype, top ten!

Coaches picked them 7th. Media, myself included, picked them 6th. I think they are somewhere between 6 and 8 in the league. That gets them into the tournament I believe.

Paul, do you think Mike’s changing his role from primarily offense to defense may have contributed to the somewhat slow start, especially for the returning players? I’m not saying that negatively, as I believe that could prove to be necessary for this team to take the next step in the SEC.

It’s certainly good that they appear to be improving before jumping into the SEC schedule.

No. It’s strictly about all the new faces and new roles even for the returners.

I love this team for what it is. I love it even more for what it will become. Watching Goforth, for instance. She is not as polished as, say, a PB at Uconn. But the tenacity. The length. The explosiveness. The willing to really D up. The athleticism coupled with savvy. Its so easy to see what she’s gonna become. A bonafide star. We have others that have stardom in them as well…Jersey being the most obvious. And of course there’s Spenser. They just need to grow. They are all 1st year players…at least with us.

So fun to watch them. Like watching a pup that you know will be a champion one day.

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