Razorback talk as national security.....

I travel internationally for business often. Earlier this week, I was returning from several days in Prague and France. I arrived in the US in Chicago and had to clear immigration before my connecting flight. After I presented my passport the agent began quizzing me on Razorback football. It turns out he was from Texas but knew a lot about Arkansas football including our 2 transfer quarterbacks.

Thanks to Hawgs Illustrated, I was able to pass inspection and make it home.

This would make a great ad campaign for us. Great story.

Very Cool

Believe me, it happens often

One of my favorite Hog conversations took place as I was checking out of a hotel in Copenhagen. The hotel clerk got excited at seeing my Razorback fleece and we had a fun conversation about Froholdt.

My family and I were headed to Athol Idaho to camp at Silver Wood Theme Park (we live in Spokane Co. WA State) when we came upon a fella in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with running hog magnets on the side of his car. We honked and waved and it turns out he’s from Ft. Smith. We moved to WA State a year ago April from Bentonville. Small world.

I was flying out of Stuttgart, Germany about 4-5 years ago & a lady who was an official at the airport saw my Razorback on my shirt or cap & struck up a conversation about the hogs. She was German, but had gone to school at the UA several years earlier. That was my best overseas experience with a foreigner regarding the hogs, but I’ve had several Americans notice the hog logo when I was abroad.

Back in 94 when we won the national championship I was in Paris during the second week of the NCAA tournament. That was before the internet was everywhere. Paris was 9 hours ahead of us because it started daylight saving time earlier than we did then, so I had a terrible time getting the score for the Michigan game that determined if we made the final 4. Was standing in line in the Louvre and the guy ahead of me was speaking English with an American accent to his wife. I asked him if he knew how any of the NCAA games turned out. He said, “the only team I care about is Arkansas & they won.” Turned out he had recently moved to Mountain Home from somewhere up north & had become a big hog fan.