Razorback softball has the #1 recruiting class look out sec

I read an article this week that suggest use of ibuprofen actually worsens chronic back pain

I’ve been using Aleve for years whenever have had pain a doctor friend of mine said he thought it was better

A friend of mine hurt his shoulder and went to see his Doctor. After an examination his Dr said it was sprained and told him to go home and take Aleve for a few weeks. My friend replied, I’d like to Doc, but I can’t take any time off work.


What does ‘easy on the eyes’ and ‘with good looks’ have to do with how the team plays?


Nothing. It just means she’s pretty.

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that article link was for this years class and I think we were national the year before also. Portal is key in softball as iin all our sports, says something about what kids are looking for after a little college time so they learn what is good vs what they thought was good or best for them.

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