Razorback soccer sets program record with 10th straight win

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Welcome Andrew!


Thank you! Happy to be here.

going to be hot (record for this date) and very windy (15-20 mph gusts) tomorrow in Nashville, who is gonna step up and handle that for us??Is there a foucs on getting the 1 seed for the conference tournament? revenge for Vandy loss in SEc or just another SEC need to win?both teams are not as G talented, but still with plenty of national rep. Hope the Podjolis are recovered and available. I can’t get my daughter to go with me because she is Hog loyal, but one of her teammates is a Vandy signee and that conflicts her. I will probably be there without or without her and try to talk her into an Orange Beach trip.

I think Ellie Podojil is out for the year with an ACL injury

It’s always nice to see another hog fan come on board! I’m looking forward to reading your post! Isn’t it great to be a big fan!

Andrew works for WHS (well, maybe he’s a fan but still he works here).

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Great. Would love to see posts from you on a weekly basis on women’s soccer. Would love to see some player interviews and get to know them. I think Arkansas is making a name in college soccer and these players receive a lot of pub.


Totally agree. I would love more features on women’s sports in general. Soccer, volleyball, and of course BASKETBALL. As I said earlier in another thread, I am so excited about women’s hoops this year I am giddy. Remember Fitz Hill’s saying “National Championship under construction?” I believe that is our women’s hoops team. What a roster Mike has put together. YOUNG. Watching them grow is gonna be a joy.

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Women’s basketball roster is fill if stars. At minimum, Mike needs to get his first NCAA win at Arkansas this season. It is unbelievable he doesn’t have one yet.

I looked up the ACC standings since our only losses were Duke and UNC in August. The Heels are 3-1-2 in the ACC (only loss to Duke at home) and Duke is 3-2-1 (losses to #2 Virginia and 2OT to NC State).

Duke was ranked #4 and UNC was #5 last week. Duke will probably drop after the Thursday loss to NCS. UNC won two roadies this week. Both of them have home matches with #1 Florida State coming up.

Outside the ACC, #3 UCLA had two overtime matches at home this week, winning one and tying the other. So they might slip a bit too.

Welcome @AndrewJoseph

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The ACC is to soccer like the SEC is to football or baseball. Even their middle of the pack teams are good.

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