Razorback shortstop signee drake Varnado pumped about Diamond Hogs (story)


wow seems like a great prospect! just hoping MLB doesn’t get all our studs.Im sure we are showing them that 46% of MLB players now come from College…fingers crossed!


That number seems to inch up a bit more each year Youdaman! Hope we can keep him!


Here’s MO on this,if the family can afford to send them to college (which I’m pretty sure anyone attending IMG can) by all means do it,its the ole scenario of get your eyes off the 1$ bill in front of you to get 1000$ bill a few yrs later,SEC ball is on par with high A ball low AA ball.will be much better prepared after being tested by the best teams in the nation…no comparison,so if they can afford it,better off going to play in the best league in the nation and have a chance to win NC

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Eat better, better workout facilities while your body still continues to grow and oh - all while earning your degree! There are some where I get it, the money is “lifetime money” in terms of bonus and so hard to pass up but for others coming to a major program like ours can be more beneficial in the long run I think.

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