[Razorback roundtable: Assessing Arkansas' quarterbacks]

Apparently Cade Fortin is considered chump change. He is probably our 2nd best option at QB if KJ gets hurt. Hornsby will never be an NFL QB, but will certainly be an NFL receiver. He needs to concentrate on that and Fortin needs to get lots of reps at QB in case he is needed during the season. I guess I could be wrong, MAYBE Fortin did not show the coaches anything during the spring(?) BUT, IMO our offense would be better with Fortin at QB and Hornsby at WR if KJ goes down for a significant amount of time.

Sam Pittman said something at SEC Media Days to the effect of they feel more comfortable looking at Hornsby as a receiver because Fortin is on the roster.

This was Kendal Briles’ evaluation of Fortin from our preview magazine:

“He had a great spring. He was very productive. He’s a guy we can count on. We are really happy to have him. He’s got incredible knowledge. He has to work on his arm strength to throw the ball down the field, but as far as operating the offense, he had a really, really good spring.”

If KJ were to get hurt, I would be surprised if Malik Hornsby didn’t take the field in his place.


What little bit I saw him in the spring he did not look bad at all to me I can see why briles would say that. Hornsby is too valuable just sitting there watching the game he has to get on the field

To me Hornsby looks fast enough that he could play both QB and receiver at the same time!


I agree if needed only for a few plays or to finish out a game, but if KJ goes down for an extended time (2-3+ games), Fortin needs to be the answer with Hornsby at WR. Or, at least see how that works out…if he isn’t up to the ask, then go with Hornsby at QB.

I saw that when published and read again this morning. I expected for him to get mention in the latest article…not totally ignored as an option.

Arm strength is going to be an issue when you like to get the ball down field and push to safeties back so they can’t help out in run support.

As Tom Murphy noted, “He made major improvements from last year’s Rice game”, speaking of KJ. That’s sort of how I see it. He gained confidence throughout last season. And now, he’s the starter for his second season. Sure, Burks’ has moved on, and was very good last season. But, KJ has more options this season, along with his more experience, and a stronger Oline…I’m anticipating a very strong offense.

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Yup. He knows this offense and if something happened to KJ, he would be getting a lot more reps and I think he would become very effective. Like Briles has said, the play calling would change to fit Hornsby.

Hornsby is the backup. Fortin is third. I don’t see that changing.

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