Razorback roundtable: Assessing Arkansas' QBs

Clay, Tom, Bob, Seth and I discussed Arkansas’ quarterbacks ahead of the scheduled start of preseason practice:

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Franks will need to be ina Phone booth of protection when UF, Bama, LSU, UGA and ole Miss are played

WOW - and the other teams are almost as bad - unusual day when you look at UTenn, MState, Mizzou and TAMU as the easy games

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Think I would slide ole Miss down into paragraph 2.


Franks is elusive enough to extend plays when they breakdown. Fortunately the majority of Briles plays are designed to be measured & decisive. (Altered by how awful the FSU Offensive line)

This is where Feleipe Franks decision making (experience) can pay dividends knowing that a 3-5 yd run is a better option than attempting to fit the ball in a tight window. (This is the main threat of a duel qb)

Feleipe & Jefferson both great TE speed 4.6/4.7 range and which can burn a defense for chunk yardage. But Mr. Hornsby has that Matt Jones gear. He will have a extra player assigned to him EXCLUSIVELY when he’s behind center which essentially makes it 11 vs 10 on the field.

What’s crazy is 6’5 235lbs Jefferson looks to deliver hits.

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