Razorback roundtable: Arkansas' WRs and TEs

The staple of the Briles offense is the long ball…the big ? Is do we have the speed to get behind these elite secondaries in the SEC…
Knox will probably have more success going up and winning the one-on-one ball.

Burks has added weight,hopefully that means he has picked up some speed as well.
Woods has very good hands, will see if he can get behind a secondary.
Don’t really know enough about the others to make a judgement.
Hopefully we can run the ball well enough to get the secondary peeking in the backfield and that will help us get behind the secondary.
Briles is going to throw the ball deep so hopefully we can connect enough to make it pay off.

Protection is just as important. Give Franks time, he will connect on deep ball.

Protection really important with the # of deep balls thrown. Protect at least another second.

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