Razorback representation at the Olympics

Tokyo Olympics begin tomorrow

Great Britain. Anna Hopkin (Swimming)
Jamaica. Kemar Mowatt (400M Hurdles) Phillip Lemonious (110M Hurdles reserve)
Slovenia Tina Sutej (Pole Vault)
St. Vincent Shafiqua Maloney - Flag Bearer (800M)
Denmark. Kris Hari (4x100 Relay)
Trinidad & Tobago Sparkle McKnight (400M Hurdles)
South Africa Dominique Scott (Track & Field 5000M and 10000M)
Mexico. Gaby Lopez (Flag Bearer), Maria Fassi. (Golf)
United States Sandi Morris (Pole Vault) Ryan Crouser (Shot Put - Volunteer coach) Kelsey Plum (3x3 Women’s basketball)

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And in that vein, I’ve set up my TV guide for the next few weeks. YouTube TV allows users to organize the guide, so I’ve put all of the channels carrying Olympic events in a group. With unlimited DVR storage, I’ve set up several sports to be recorded in full. That means that it won’t be necessary for me to get up at 3AM to watch all of the dressage competition.

I’ve watched some of the rowing this evening, not something I would bother to watch normally.

Yeah, I have done the same on DirecTV. I am recording Olympics as a series. BTW, on DirecTV I am able to pick Arkansas as my team and it records Arkansas team sports games automatically. I am not missing anything because of personal schedule conflicts, since technology is available.

There maybe zero interest in this, but I will post results of how Hogs perform throughout the Olympics.

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On YouTube TV it is possible to select favorite teams and have them recorded, but only by sport. So while I have Hog football and basketball automatically recorded, I can’t record the OmaHogs. I am forced to locate individual games or record all college baseball games.

Same thing with DirecTV. You have to select each sport. Enjoy the Olympics. I wait for this every four years. I know you will be watching Equestrian for sure,

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Kyle Peterson tweeted that Stanford has 53 athletes in Tokyo. Might help explain how they win the Directors Cup almost every year.

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I just saw my former students at Arkansas bringing in the flag for Mexico: Gaby Lopez and Maria Fassi. They were both excellent students and wonderful young women. Razorbacks always seem to represent us well.

Go Hogs!

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