Razorback record trivia

The 2019 season marks the 125th anniversary of Razorback football as well as the 150th anniversary of college football.

A lot of games (1259 to be exact), a lot of great plays and a lot of records in all that time. But there is one UA record I’m thinking about that I am extremely confident will still be there in 2119 and 2219, if college football still exists. I want to see who else knows what I’m talking about.

Clue: Offensive record set during the Petrino era.

Ready… go.

How 'bout Ryan Mallett’s single game completion record?

Nope, and he doesn’t even hold the single game completion record, if you’re talking about number of completions. Brandon Allen does (Fred just threw up in Tuscaloosa) with 33. If you’re talking about single game percentage (14 of 16), that’s also not that solid. All somebody would have to do is hit 15 of 17, or 30 of 34. If you’re dinking and dunking against zone coverage, that’s doable.

How many yards was that end of the half play vs. LSU? Was that 99 yards?

… considering the recent rule changes due to concussion concerns?

That was 80 yards; play before it was a punt into the end zone. But you’re getting warm.

Wasn’t there a 99 yard TD run by Green?

We have a winner! Broderick Green in 2009 against Eastern Michigan (that was also the game Mallett completed 14 of 16 passes to set the percentage record). Until they change the rules for a longer field, which ain’t gonna happen, a 99 yard run cannot be broken, only tied. So that’s why I’m confident it will still be in the books in a century or two.

And here it is:


That was really fun to watch. I’m sitting the airport in Tulsa and I got here way, way too early.

Can’t get a 99.5 yard run like Dorset did for the Cowboys? That’s more than 99 yards. I know I know 1/2 yards aren’t counted in stats.

I was thinking about the 99-yard run, but I couldn’t remember who did it. I knew it wasn’t Knile Davis but that’s who came into my mind. Have to admit when I’ve been stumped. You can have a 100-yard return on a kick, punt, interception or scoop of a fumble, but not a 100-yard run, pass or punt.