Razorback radio shows

Could someone please provide a list of Razorback radio talk shows that can be listened to for those outside of Arkansas?

Would appreciate the names/times/stations and your recommendations of the best programs.


103.7 The Buzz added Justin Moore to their early show, and it is quite entertaining. The show is called “Morning Mayhem.”

David Bazzel is the main guy. Roger Scott joins Bazzel, Moore and others.

Frequent guests include Joe Kleine and Pat Bradley and others you would recognize.

It’s airs 6:00 - 10:00 am Monday -Friday.

ESPN Arkansas has the Morning Rush followed by Halftime. Both are streamed live on YouTube which makes it easy (do the link). I think the Rush is 6-9 am, and Halftime is 11a-2p Monday through Friday.

Clay has been a regular or semi-regular on both. I think he’s on Halftime once a week these days,

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Through NIL, the morning show also does interviews with several Razorback players - men and women in lots of sports.

Download TuneInRadio app and listen to the before mentioned shows ANYWHERE in the continental US.

I am on Monday and Thursday noon to 2 pm on ESPN Arkansas with Phil Elson. Chuck Barrett took my morning slots. I don’t really sleep in but I can now.


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