Razorback punch doesn't go over well in Jonesboro


I have said for the last two years that lack of punch is an issue with this team. I see that carries over to Jonesboro, too. No Razorback punch there, either.

Putting aside all issues about whether we should play them in sports, etc., it’s crap like this that over the course of 50 years has brought me to hate that entire program. When I was a teenager I cheered for ASU. I didn’t consider them as an enemy of my team. I supported the Hogs, my high school team, the Baltimore Colts & ASU. They played the same sports on different levels. When I wore Johnny Unitas jersey to a HS game, no one gave it any thought. Heck, if I wore my HS jacket into a hangout in a neighboring town, no one gave it any thought. But if I wore a Razorback cap to a game in Jonesboro, I’d be harrassed. There were bumper stickers with an Indian chasing a Razorback captioned, “How long will the hogs run?” After a while I got sick of it. It still goes on. Their personal hatred of Frank Broyles is disgusting. The kid (whose name escapes me) who played QB for them 2-3 years ago made the mistake of congratulating his friend Hunter Henry for the big play against Ole Miss. You’d have thought he committed high treason by the reaction on their boards & call-in shows.

I have friends & relatives who attended ASU. Most were hog fans of some degree, but they soon discovered that wasn’t allowed there. Those of you who want to cheer for both have an absolute right to do it. I won’t quibble with whoever you prefer. But as for me, I hope they lose every game they play.

I guess they weren’t part of the 15 cars I passed coming from Jonesboro to Fayetteville on Saturday that had an ASU license or sticker that had a driver with a Razorback shirt on, lol. Yes, they take everything a little to serious on anything Hog related. Some will admit to moving Razorback apparel off the racks and hiding it in the various stores.