Razorback Overnight Camp updates: Elite OL expected to attend

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Posted about two early arrivals.

Not much to report today other than this Bobby Petrino look alike was at the camp. Even Steve Caldwell had to look twice.

The guy is from Jackson, Tenn. and he brought a few kids. He said he’s been told he looks like Houston Nutt but not Petrino. I do not see Nutt, but he definitely looks like Bobby.


Nice to meet you today! And you are correct, that guy does look like CBMFP.

I wanted to comment on the camp overall. I was very impressed with our new head coach and the staff he’s put together. CCM was very involved in the camp as was his staff. My son went last year and he said that CBB mostly just walked around and talked to people. I wasn’t there so I can’t comment. I can speak to how engaged CCM was in the camp and it is obvious his players both like and respect him. He’s very demanding and old school in the approach of taking care of your business. I really liked his talk at the end of camp.

LOL. He got that a lot after we talked him about his resemblance to Bobby.