Razorback hitters work on eye training


Any scoop on the training? Might help some of us as our eyes age. Golf, softball, shooting, etc.


This is a link to my son-in-law’s webpage about eye training. He’s been working with athletes, mostly golfers, but some tennis and baseball. Excellent results. He got his PhD from U of Florida in 2006. There are not many who really understand it well.

Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox did eye training when he played in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. He was a genius when it came to the science of hitting…although I doubt there was little science knowledge about hitting a baseball then or seeing the baseball.

Study done by Greg Applebaum, Duke guy, was referenced in the story. Cliff Hughes, the eye doc who works with the team, told me it could translate to shooting, tennis, volleyball. If you look, the study was paid for by the US Army, which I thought was interesting.

I hate to say this but this training didn’t seem to help in the SEC tourney for the girls. They were facing an ace pitcher–throwing 65 mph wildly varying pitches, some over the plate.

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