Razorback football geography... first-ever game in Colorado

Given that we’re playing in an unusual locale this weekend, I thought I’d share a summary of Razorback game locations.

This is based on data downloaded from the now-defunct College Football Warehouse which has Razorback records through 2015, plus data for 2016-18 from the Razorback Media Guide. There is at least one discrepancy between the College Football Data Warehouse and the media guide – specifically the fact that the Data Warehouse shows the Hogs as having played SE Missouri State in Hot Springs on November 6, 1906, while the media guide lists that game as having been played in Little Rock.

It’s interesting to note that the Hogs have not fared well in one-off games in random states. In fact, there are 11 states in which the Hogs have played only one game. The Hogs are 1-9-1 in those games, with the sole win coming in Hawaii.

Also of note, there are only 3 states in which the Hogs have a >50% winning percentage – Arkansas, Michigan, and Hawaii.

Summary by state:
State\tWins\tLosses\tTies\tTotal games\tWin %

By city…

City, Wins, Losses, Ties, Total games, Win %
Fayetteville, AR\t301\t129\t10\t440\t70%
Little Rock, AR\t169\t70\t4\t243\t70%
Dallas, TX\t17\t24\t4\t45\t42%
Houston, TX\t21\t21\t3\t45\t50%
Austin, TX\t11\t29\t0\t40\t28%
Fort Worth, TX\t21\t13\t1\t35\t61%
Waco, TX\t11\t21\t2\t34\t35%
Shreveport, LA\t12\t20\t1\t33\t38%
College Station, TX\t17\t14\t1\t32\t55%
Memphis, TN\t13\t14\t0\t27\t48%
Tulsa, OK\t9\t10\t2\t21\t48%
Lubbock, TX\t16\t2\t0\t18\t89%
Baton Rouge, LA\t3\t12\t1\t16\t22%
Fort Smith, AR\t10\t3\t1\t14\t75%
Auburn, AL\t5\t7\t1\t13\t42%
Oxford, MS\t6\t7\t0\t13\t46%
Starkville, MS\t7\t6\t0\t13\t54%
Tuscaloosa, AL\t4\t9\t0\t13\t31%
Columbia, SC\t5\t7\t0\t12\t42%
Springfield, MO\t5\t4\t1\t10\t55%
Saint Louis, MO\t4\t4\t1\t9\t50%
Stillwater, OK\t4\t4\t1\t9\t50%
Arlington, TX\t4\t4\t0\t8\t50%
Jackson, MS\t4\t4\t0\t8\t50%
Knoxville, TN\t2\t6\t0\t8\t25%
New Orleans, LA\t3\t5\t0\t8\t38%
Nashville, TN\t4\t1\t0\t5\t80%
Athens, GA\t2\t2\t0\t4\t50%
Gainesville, FL\t0\t4\t0\t4\t0%
Irving, TX\t1\t2\t1\t4\t38%
Miami, FL\t1\t3\t0\t4\t25%
Norman, OK\t0\t4\t0\t4\t0%
Arkadelphia, AR\t3\t0\t0\t3\t100%
Atlanta, GA\t0\t3\t0\t3\t0%
Columbia, MO\t0\t3\t0\t3\t0%
Lexington, KY\t1\t2\t0\t3\t33%
Muskogee, OK\t2\t0\t1\t3\t83%
Birmingham, AL\t2\t0\t0\t2\t100%
Detroit, MI\t2\t0\t0\t2\t100%
Jacksonville, FL\t1\t1\t0\t2\t50%
Joplin, MO\t0\t1\t1\t2\t25%
Los Angeles, CA\t0\t2\t0\t2\t0%
Oklahoma City, OK\t0\t2\t0\t2\t0%
Orlando, FL\t0\t2\t0\t2\t0%
Rolla, MO\t0\t2\t0\t2\t0%
Charlotte, NC\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Chicago, IL\t0\t0\t1\t1\t50%
Enid, OK\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
Fort Scott, KS\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Georgetown, TX\t0\t0\t1\t1\t50%
Honolulu, HI\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
Hot Springs, AR\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
Iowa City, IA\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Kansas City, MO\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Kingfisher, OK\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
Las Vegas, NV\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Lawrence, KS\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Madison, WI\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Manhattan, KS\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Neosho, MO\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
New Brunswick, NJ\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
New York, NY\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Philadelphia, PA\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Pierce City, MO\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Ruston, LA\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
San Antonio, TX\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
San Diego, CA\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
San Francisco, CA\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Shawnee, OK\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%
Tempe, AZ\t0\t0\t1\t1\t50%
Texarkana, TX\t1\t0\t0\t1\t100%
Washington, DC\t0\t1\t0\t1\t0%

It has been my dream for the Hogs to play here ever since I moved out here. Never thought it would happen. Have seen the basketball team a few times and they are coming in December, but never thought it would be football. Now they come at a time when they are a shell of a team. It better be enough!

When I was growing up in El Paso, TX during the 60’s to mid 70’s, it was my annual hope that if we didn’t win enough games to go to a top tier Bowl (in those days, it was the “Big Four” of Rose, Cotton, Orange and Sugar on NY Day), that we might one day come to the Sun Bowl in EP. Over the years, LSU, Miss. State, Auburn, Texas Tech, Mizzou, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Oregon, SMU, Georgia and others played in the game. But never Arkansas. Dad and I would say, once we got 2 or 3 losses, that we were “Sun Bowl bait”. Some of those years, we’d end up going to the Liberty, Independence or Gator Bowls; in others, we’d rally and end up in a better Bowl. And a few times, we didn’t go Bowling at all.

Ironically, I thought about that when the plans were announced for this season’s early game vs. Texas in El Paso. I sure would have loved to have such a game there back in the day.

Footnote: the very first Arkansas game of ANY type that I saw in person was in December of 1965, when Arkansas participated in the 4 team Holiday basketball tournament that UTEP hosted. The Razorbacks lost their opening game to top 5 Iowa by only 2 points, then defeated Loyola New Orleans in the consolation game. In a footnote to a footnote, the “other” game I saw the first night (Dad and I went to the opening night double-header) was between host UTEP and Loyola. But in those days, UTEP was known as Texas Western and - yes - it was THAT Texas Western team that went on to win the National Championship and shock the nation. They beat Iowa by about 20 points in the Tournament final to serve notice on what was to come.

According to your list, these would be the states in which Arkansas has never played after tomorrow. The Razorbacks are scheduled to play at Notre Dame in two years, which would eliminate Indiana. I’m surprised to see a few of these states on the list. Kind of interesting.

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia

In scanning the list below, none “surprise” me; curious which states you are talking about (that you expected we had played in, but have not)?

I’ll say that i wouldn’t have been shocked to learn that we might have played a long-ago game in Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, or Virginia (Nebraska would also seem to fit in that list, but because of the historical significance of our one game against them, I know better). But, at the same time, not surprised in the least to learn that we haven’t. On the other hand, I would have been somewhat surprised to find out that we had played in any of the others.