Razorback film room on Hogs+

This feature alone makes the subscription to Hogs+ worthwhile. Travis Swanson does a great job.


I like it too…but I wish he would chill just a tad on the constant rapid rewind/play scroller. It literally makes my head hurt! And I played ball and watched film. But…man. Otherwise though I love it too.


Funny, I thought exactly the same thing. I even found myself looking away for a few seconds on some of his extra herky-jerky rewinds. :woozy_face: I do enjoy those sessions though.

Also on Hogs+ is The Follow on the Misery State game. But funny thing, I couldn’t get the video to go past the sideline after the punt return TD. It gets to a shot of KJ on the sideline at 19:41 and freezes. Weird. Have not had any issue with any of their other videos.

I have had that happen too. But I’ve been able to get around it by backing up a bit and restarting from there. If that doesn’t work, I switch devises (TV firestick to laptop).

Tried that. Didn’t work. I have not tried another device.

OK, this is getting really weird. Logged in on my phone. When I fast forwarded to about 20:30, the video worked. When I backed it up to before where it froze on my laptop, it froze again. At exactly the same spot as it did on my laptop.

Same thing happened to me Jeff. I tried everything. Its an issue on their end. Must be.

I did as well. There was KJ on the sidelines and then he froze

Finally watched the rest of it from about 20:30 to the end. Still haven’t seen that 49 seconds. Probably won’t. Oh well.

Excellent as always. Impressed by both of them.

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