Razorback fans are the best!

Took a short end of summer weekend trip with my wife and daughter to Philadelphia to see a couple of Cardinal games. During our stay in Center-City I wore my Razorback attire. Well, in total I met between 10 to 15 hog fans in the city and at the games. Always got the Woo Pig, exchange pleasantries and discussed our connection to the state and/or school. Everyone seemed excited and ready for football season to start. The Hog fans of the best! I was even nice, I held the elevator door for an Alabama fan!

But would you have held it for a Texass fan? :wink:

I know it’s caught on since BB came here and started it, but I have a hard time saying woo pig to someone. Still go with “Go Hogs” when I see another hog fan or get a roll tide from one of the mouth breathers that can’t tell the difference between a bama A and an Ark A.

My wife and I were in NYC for vacation a few years ago. I’m thinking we’re not likely to run into any Hog fans, but I ran into a fan that was in town for business at the hotel elevator. I was thinking here’s a city of more than 10 million plus and I run into a Hog fan.

You never know.