Razorback contract required an SEC game in LR..............

…to complete that contract. Choosing Ole Miss instead of Vanderbilt was a brilliant choice if you want it to be a big game, sellout, and unique experience. You got East Arkansas buying tickets like crazy to see the hated Rebels get beat in the Rock. This may be the first sign of change with Long gone. The last game in LR was almost the perfect storm to get a low turnout as a justification for ceasing any games in Little Rock. Thursday game guaranteed no students attending and no tailgating. The nothing opponent further encouraged a low ticket sales and low turnout. Choosing Ole Miss can generate a monumental tailgating weekend and a great turnout.

I’d be surprised if that decision had not already been made before JL was let go.

I mean - as you noted - it was in the contract that it had to be an SEC game.

It’s clear to me - much like the HDN era ended - anything good will be because of new direction, anything that goes bad attributed to JL and BB.

That includes today’s basketball game.

Dudley, are you saying that Long scheduled the Oklahoma BB game over the objection of the coaching staff?

What he’s saying is that Long and Bielema will be blamed for things with which they had nothing to do whatsoever. Jeff Long did not schedule this basketball game; Nike did.

And Jeff Long has nothing to do with the game this season in LR being on Thursday. That was TV’s choice.

And the LR fans chose not to go to the first game of the season, and only LR game.

We could have turned it down, which is why there’s a $300,000 sweetener in the TV contract to move games on request.