Razorback Coaching Possibilities

So…Smith is gone to Minnesota and Segrest should be looking for a job (just rumors here)…what does everyone predict for the defensive coaching staff hires?

I’d like to say at this point that Paul Rhodes becomes defensive coordinator. Kerry Cooks comes over from OU to coach DBs and is Assistant or Associate DC. Partridge comes over to coach the Dline. Cooks and Partridge improve your recruiting - Rhodes keeps some consistency/stability with the current staff and players. Not incredibly sexy (not what most fans would like to see), but could be just what we need.

Anyone else’s thoughts?..

If Rhoads is the Defensive Coordinator in waiting something concrete should emerge soon to inform recruits/comitts before they start taking their official visits.

With Bielema, I always expect hires to come from off the radar.

I don’t disagree Matt. But, starting his fifth year with his program stuck somewhere 1st and 4th gear, he might just try something that the radar clearly illuminates.

Check Swinney’s tenure at Clemson. He couldn’t win for losing. Lost 15 games his first three years. Then he hired Chad Morris from Tulsa in 2011, not well known but with a high ceiling as a spread OC and won his first ACC title and first for Clemson in over 20 years.

For the 2012 season, longtime OU DC Brent Venables came on board. Two more ACC championships, two CFP playoff appearances and last night Clemson’s second national championship.

I think Swinney is a better recruiter than our HC, but with the right offensive and defensive systems and great coordinators to run them, good things could happen for the Razorbacks too.

You’re spot on. I agree 100% with this post.

A new DC will have to learn the players, nuances of the performances, who is returning, relate to the players and relate to coaches. He may have to hire some new coaches too. I think it would be wise to promote Rhoads, because a new DC would have challenges by not knowing the team, players, and performance level alone. I still think Rhoads was an insurance policy hired for this situation, so that he would be here waiting in the wings. The players know him and the recruits know him.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/ … 6d82f.html”>http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_2fb8825c-5529-11e6-b34e-ef7a2626d82f.html</LINK_TEXT>

This explains why we are moving to a 3-4 defense. It explains the LSU 3-4 that has been so successful. Rhoads has experience with the 3-4.

Rhoads does have SOME experience with the 3-4. I believe Iowa State ran it in his last year as head coach. But I don’t know that he has a lot of experience with it. Without question, I think Rhoads will at least be a co-defensive coordinator. But I think there is also a good chance someone else is added who will call the signals who brings a lot more 3-4 experience. It could be someone with an Iowa/K-State/Oklahoma background that has some ties to Bielema.

Clay, you are hinting at something huh?

I like that Cooks guy from OU…

I hope you boys are on to something. Bring Cooks over, add Partridge and keep Paul as the veteran overseer would make an excellent, as in truly great, cre w. Players love the LB coach. Cooks would give us an advantage in recruiting the speedy skill guys in Texas and Partridge would help bring in great Dlinemen. When the extra assistant is approved bring in Maurice from Hail-State. That would gives us a huge Iowa-Iowa State section right there in Fayetteville. That would not be a corny joke either. Get it done Bret. I have !locked in on that.

Coach B should be on the hot seat. Mississippi state is hiring a good Defensive Coach, but Coach B is just sitting still waiting to hire a no name coach from his Iowa days.

He can’t hire someone for a position that isn’t officially open, now can be? MSU and Louisville swapped DC’s, now why do you think that happened?

Yeah MSU hired a guy that can’t hold on to a job.

You don’t think we could have gotten him also??

Banker and Stewart DC and Secondary Coaches from Nebraska - contracts not renewed today

You need to look at his days as a DC at Pitt and Auburn. It is apples to oranges to use his HC gig at Iowa State against him. You should understand that.

I get the feeling he was speaking hypothetically and not referencing CPR.

That’s how I read it atleast.

How about Tommy Tubberville as Defensive Coordinator…

According to Bo, Diaco has interviewed, Rhoads will be at least co-DC, one more spot may come open on D side of the ball (I would guess Segrest to make room for Partridge), Enos being looked at hard by other schools and NFL, if he leaves Lunney is front runner.

None of that is surprising to me except for the Lunney bit. I know he desires to and will be more than just a position coach but I would figure he’d go to a smaller school as OC and work his way up from there. It that is accurate it shows what Bret thinks of Barry and his future.

I’ve heard Bret reference several times that he thinks Barry will one day be a college coordinator.

I don’t think anyone disputes that. It would just be a little surprising if his first OC gig was in the SEC West.