Razorback Basketball

Look who’s filling out:

Freshmen Reporting:

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Very excited! Vanover looks great!

It will be nice to see a BB game. The hogs should be a lot better this year I just hope COVID -19 don’t cause delays and cancellations!
Talent infusion and height will show up quick.

Has anybody got a pic of Earl Boykins standing next to Conner? I’m thinking back to that classic shot of Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues.

I’m worried this is going to occur. I’ve told some people this through pm, but I’ll put it on the board. My daughter is enrolled in Mizzou. Back in mid-APR, early May they told her they were not sure if on campus classes would be allowed this fall. This was the same day the Mizzou President came out and said he expected football this fall.

Now, two weeks ago (mid-June), we were working on the housing application with the housing office at Mizzou (who are working remotely). They again told us that they are not sure if they will have students on campus this fall. I asked about the athletes and coaches, because I knew the FB players and coaches were there. I was told the athletes and coaches are basically guinea pigs testing the COVID-19 implementations/guidelines that have been laid out. If there is an abnormal spike then they will shut the On campus classes down this fall and again go to remote learning.

I know almost every SEC school and area around said school has experienced an uptick in COVID-19 cases. I am expecting a shut down. We will see, but my hopes are not up for sports this fall.

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