Razorback baseball send-off to Omaha


Do they take the bus the whole way or do they charter a flight?

They flew.

NCAA pays for travel to championship events. IIRC they put you on a bus if its less than a certain distance and fly to anything over that, and I think the cutoff is 350 miles. Last year when the basketball team went from Nashville to Indy for the pandemic tournament, that was about 300 miles so they went by bus. Omaha is 400-something from Fayetteville.

But I’m sure that the team bus drove up I-49/29 and was waiting for them at the Omaha airport so they have that to get around town. The bus was in Chapel Hill last week, parked outside the ballpark for both games.

Jeff what is IIRC have seen that acronym many times but don’t know what it means

If I remember (or recall) correctly

Ahh gotcha…thanks.

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