Rawlings Contract

It looks like the baseball program signed a contract with Rawlings. In the pictures of players I have seen posted online, they all had Rawlings gloves. I’m assuming we’ll be using Rawlings bats and batting gloves.

I’ve always believed that Rawlings has the best glove out there. I had 3 Rawlings Heart of the Hide Gold Glove Series when I was younger and playing. Actually still have 2 of them and they are in great shape!

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Rawlings was always my glove of choice!

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I never knew any other glove. But I’m really old.

And I never knew anything but Converse shoes for hoops. And we did not call it hoops. Lol. We were basketball players. Took me a long time to say hoops. I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a Nike shoe. I’m old.

Converse all stars! For basketball I usually had the high tops. As soon as I got a pair I would change out the white laces with red or blue.
When I bought a new glove I would rub it down good with neats foot oil, put a ball in the pocket and fasten a belt around it for several days to break that pocket in.

I’m older Clay Henry, and Nike is the only shoe that fits.

Converse is all I ever had at Northside. And I used big rubber bans that somebody gave me. Loved that sweet spot.

That takes me back a long way!

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I was always a Wilson A-2000 series glove guy. Loved those but Rawlings has always made great gloves. I know you see the other brands out there, but they have always been pretty darn good. At 54, I actually have all my old gloves since I was a kid and through my coaching days. I am getting ready to get them reconditioned again in hopes of some catch sessions with my grandsons.

Yeah, I remember the Wilson-A2000! I may have even had one. But you just couldn’t bear the Rawlings!
I loaned my last glove to an ex-son-n-law and never saw it again. I’m almost 70 and won’t have much need for it, but, it’s still my ball glove! I just like to put it on now and then. If I had it!

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I had a sweet Rawlings that would be termed an outfielder’s glove. Big, long webbing. It was perfect for softball, too. I played for our church team at Southern Hills Baptist for several years. It was in the garage unused for several summers. Somehow it got sold in a garage sale. I doubt my wife put it on the table in the driveway. Someone had to go in that garage, pick it up and ask if it was for sale. My wife probably said yes to drive up her earnings that was going for summer passes for the family to Big Splash. Oh well. I think one of my many hammers disappeared, too. I had five or six. Why I had that many hammers, I’m not sure. But I did.

There is a contract with Rawlings for most equipment, but players are free to use their preference of bat.


I’ve wondered about this in the age of NIL deals now, for all sports really.

If a big-name player has a deal with an equipment manufacturer but chooses to go to college, can they use the equipment of their contract provider? Or would they be required to use whomever the school is contracted with?

Say a high-school phenom has 1 million followers on their social media pages, so Easton signs them to an NIL deal. If that player chooses to play for the Razorbacks, would they have to use a Rawlings glove? Or could they use an Easton?

Could also happen in basketball with shoe companies.

As of now, I think players are going to have to wear the gear provided by the university in games. I’m not sure of that; just a hunch.

I think the NFL required players to wear Nike (and Reebok before it) in games up until a few years ago, then changed the rule to allow players to wear whatever gloves and shoes they wanted. Many had personal endorsements with other apparel companies.

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State laws say some different things (remember that the NCAA can’t or won’t set standards; they want Congress to do it). Some states say you can’t wear something in conflict with the university contracts. Others don’t care. I’m not sure what the Arkansas law says.

Who recalls their first ball glove? I know I used hand me downs or shared glove. I think I was 11. I slept with it. Kept it strapped to my bike for games after school anywhere in the neighborhood. Had it ready at all times. Played catch off a wall.

I still have my first glove, a Wilson.

Jack, my soon-to-be 4-year-old, begins T-ball this year. We are going for his birthday in a couple of weeks to buy both of us new gloves. I’m excited.


Those will be memories to be cherished for a lifetime Matt!
I understand the excitement!

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