Rawleigh Williams now 2nd in SEC in Rushing....

…barring the unthinkable a cinch for 1000.
http://www.espn.com/college-football/co … /2016/id/8

I wonder if Crockett from MO is counting the days until he plays us?

I was thinking the same thing for MS State’s Nick Fitzgerald. :frowning:

:?: why

Who would have ever guessed that Bama, LSU and Georgia would be at ninth or lower on an SEC rushing list this late in the year.

Wondered the same myself… maybe because he is a dual threat QB licking his chops over Arkansas D is what he meant?

I doubt that Crockett is counting the days until he plays any SEC or other decent

His yards so far:
W VA - 4 yards
GA - 23 yards
LSU - 35 yards
KY - 55 yards
S Car - 82 yards (bad team this year)
FL - 145 yards , however - 11 yards the first half of a blow out - 53 yards in the
last 1 minute of the game, down 40-7.

Imagine what RW3 would have done with a stable offensive line.

LLLLOOOOVVVEEE me some RWIII. Love me some Devwah, too. Those guys are going to be a great pleasure to watch for many years to come, here and in the pros.