Rawleigh Williams III

I hope Rawleigh has a fantastic game tonight. He is a remarkable young man to return from the serious injury he experienced (from a cheap shot) in last years Auburn game. Hopefully, he has a big fire in his belly to get even with them.

If the NCAA is really concerned about player safety, those who tackle someone to the ground by twisting the ball carrier’s head (by grabbing either helmet or mask) should be ejected from the game. Period. How many UM rebel black bears would have been ejected last week, 3 or 4 ? The shot on AA by Speaks late in the game was one of the most flagrant fouls I’ve ever seen on a QB. If it took AA out of the game, the bears would have gladly given up more than a 15-yd penalty. The SEC should have reviewed that play again after the game.

If they grab RW’s face mask tonight, how will the Razorback coaches and players respond? I hope cool heads prevail, but it could get out of hand…and I wouldn’t blame them a bit.