Rawleigh Williams III - Great stat

ESPN has an article about play-off significance of games this week. They discuss the Hogs/A&M game. Further down the article, they list “Week 4 superlatives”. Under that heading they list “Match up to watch”. It discusses the match up between the A&M rushing defense vs the Hogs’ rushing offense. Within that paragraph they note that Rawleigh Williams leads all Power 5 conference rushers with 25 rushes of 3 yards or more after contact.

It appears we have our replacement for Jonathon Williams, who was great at running through tackles. Now we just need Whaley to step forward and be the replacement for Alex Collins.

http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … ers-week-4

What an interesting stat to maintain. I wonder if there’s another at 4 yards, 5 yards, etc.

Nevertheless, great for 3.

Yes, I’ve never seen “yards after contact” expressed any way except “total yards”. I didn’t know anyone kept “number of carries with YAC over X yards”. I don’t know if “over 3 yards” is the only measurement used or not? I can see why they’d use a minimum of “3 yards”. That would require breaking a tackle and not include just falling forward momentum. I’d like to see what Jonathon Williams numbers were in his junior year.

It’s one of the most important stats a back can lead in. A combination of speed, power, and mental frame of mind after making contact.