Rawleigh Doubters

He’s better than you guys are making him out to be.

Click through these sortable stats and you will see objective #s.

Also, SECN also said he has the most carries with 3+ YAC in power 5.

Watch him with your eyes and not your preconceived idea of what you think.

Also, remember that he is coming off a serious neck injury. Oh, and his little brother is a high 4 star safety out of Tx.

We need to appreciate and really root for Rawleigh. He’s very good and is the type of kid you should love.

http://www.cfbstats.com/2016/leader/911 … ort01.html

Fans get enamored with the guys who can pop 80-yard runs. They’re nice, but how many of them do you get? You get a lot more chances to turn a 2-yard gain into 6 or 7, and RWill is very good at that.

I love the Guy!! Glad he’s a Razorback.

He has a story to tell and it’s inspiring

Whatever happens on the field is on bonus he came very close to not returning

Special kid, special talent.
Thanks for sharing that info Notorious.

I love Rawleigh. My kind of kid. My kind of back. My posts about Devwah are simply me knowing Bielema like to have 2, or even 3, stud TB’s subbing in and out for each other. Kody is limited, especially post foot injury. IMO. Others may disagree. We do need that other very good back. But in no way do I intend to demean Rawleigh. We do have a mediocre per carry as a team right now. But that’s not Rawleigh’s fault. His YAC totals are terrific. He needs to be able to get more yards before contact. That’s on the o-line. And I think they will jell. They always do under Bret.