Rawleigh and Austin

Rawleigh Williams has 955 yards rushing with three regular season games to go. He’s going over 1,000 yards unless something unusual happens. Devwah Whaley has 383 and is gaining momentum.

In the passing game, Austin Allen has 2,291 yards. He’s got 19 TDs against 8 interceptions. He’s having a fine year.

OK, who has surprised you the most? I’d have to say Austin. I thought he was good, but I didn’t understand he was this good.

You get to count bowl stats and so the Hogs have four games to play. At the end of the year, how many yards will Rawleigh have rushing and Austin in the air?

Austin 3,000 passing, RWIII 1,250 rushing.

Yeah AA is a bigger surprise to me.

Aloha Clay,

The biggest surprise to me this year is the overall lack of production from our DL and D. Wise. I mistakenly thought our DL would be our strength this year enabling us to be competitive and even defeat Bama and ATM. I thought Wise would be contending for All American honors. He will be fortunate to make honorable mention in the SEC.


For me it has been Austin. For my money he’s the best QB in the SEC. Bama’s QB will get the awards but he doesn’t really have to do much passing downfield at all. He’s a runner and swing/screen pass dumper.

I thought AA would be good but he has been great–and clutch–a 5-star QB with a 3-star profile page.

And, I expected Rawleigh to have a good year if healthy. I’ve argued with the stars and stopwatches gang all year, but anyone who can see past their nose can see that he’s a football player.

The S and S gang said he was slow, had no shiftiness, etc. Baloney. The guy can play and make plays. If he stays healthy he’s gonna put up 13-14 hundred yards and a bunch of TDs behind a patchwork OL a year after breaking his neck. That’s salty.

Both of these kids were surprises, to me.

I remember reading where a NFL scout at the Manning Camp said AA was the best pro prospect of the bunch. I thought, “What? No way.” He might just be the best.

And, as far as RWIII, I was concerned he would not be able to get over the mental side of the neck injury. But, he sure did. He is having a great year.

AA is a complete surprise to me. He actually learned watching and studying behind his brother, while gaining NO experience. Think of where he might be in yardage, games won, etc. if his line had developed as we had hoped it would.

His success makes me reevaluate the 2nd string QB issues–just how much experience do they need/.

I expected AA to do well. My vote is for Pulley; except for his drop at Auburn.

I think that we are all surprised with the play of AA and RW. Whaley is also progressing very well.

What worries me is if AA gets knocked out then we are in real trouble. Ty Storey has really shown nothing when he has gotten a few snaps. We really need two QBs that are very close to equal but I do not think that will ever happen.

Not many teams have that luxury. I think the Hogs have a pretty good group of backup QBs. Better than most teams.

I hope we don’t need to find out.

Austin has the best story because he is doing all of this behind a rebuilding Oline. Hurts has the best team money can buy around him, so his value is tarnished.

Very surprised at Austin Allen – pleasantly so!

The level at which he is playing is amazing.

I’ve been surprised that Drew Morgan has been able to put up similar numbers to last year. I thought with the return of Keon and the emergence of some of the other WR’s, Drews numbers might drop off a bit. I see Rawleigh finishing with somewhere around 1,200 yards. Next week probably will not be a stat stuffing kind of game. I think Devwah tops 500. Austin should top 3,000 yards with maybe 25 TD’s. Hopefully his INT number stays at 8.

Raleigh and Austin have done better than I imagined but the biggest surprise to me has been McFain. He’s done a great job kicking. Plus yesterday several of his kickoffs made the end zone.

Adam McFain! Where did this come from? A 54-yarder. Now, every time he lines up, I expect it go through. We should not underestimate the importance of his field goal in the 4th quarter that put us up by three scores.

Rawleigh Williams 955 YTD
LSU 80
M State 95
MU 125
Bowl 110 That equals 1365 (Adding off the top of my head)

AA 2800 yards passing 25 TD’s and 10 int’s

You can just NOT forget the image a year ago of Rawleigh.
I’m going with him.

AA, he is just a gamer. Sure I could pick him
BUT someone a few years ago said the younger Allen is better that big brother BA.