Ravech and Bilas coming to BWA

Per Alabama game notes.


Figured they might. Let’s give em something to talk about.


Here is how old I am. I saw Bilas play. Live and in person. At Cameron Indoor Stadium. Which was not hard to get into, at that point you could walk over at gametime and buy a ticket at the ticket office. He was in Coach K’s first big recruiting class, but Coach K was not a big deal then and the team was inexperienced and quite mediocre. They got killed by Virginia in the ACC Tournament by about 40 points and fans were calling for Coach K’s head. Thank goodness there wasn’t an Internet back then. But I did think Bilas was reasonably talented (but hardly spectacularly talented, like the Ralph Sampsons he had to play against), quite good looking (from my vantage point far away in the stands), and might have a decent TV career as an actor or something if his voice was half as good as his looks.

I wonder if he’s still pretending to practice law in Charlotte or if he’s full-time TV now?

Drinking game… how many times he mentions Duke and North Carolina.


It is the first time Bilas has been to BWA.

It is also the first Top 15 matchup in BWA since we beat UK on Super Bowl Sunday in 1995.

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Good question. I bet he’s making a lot more money as a TV analyst than he could as a lawyer. But his legal training has come to good use anyway, I have seen him do some great and detailed analyses of NCAA legal issues.

Not a big Duke fan, to say the least. But I always liked Bilas. And Tommy Amaker. And Gene Banks, who walked in the gym I was playing in, volunteered to be on my team, scolded all of us for not helping him rebound, and I was so fired up I actually skied over him to get a rebound, highest vertical of my life. By far. Banks was a giant recruit. So big that in Street and Smith’s a high school coach in Michigan said about another prospect “I know Banks is great, but he can’t be much better than my guy Earvin Johnson”.

Btw, my favorite player? Shammond Williams. Of UNC of course. Because, in adult basketball camp, he told me “Mr. Schwartz, I see a big hole in your game……You’re a great shooter but you don’t shoot enough”.

My son never went to UNC basketball camp. I
drove him all the way from NC to Arkansas to go to Nolan’s camp. My son and I showed a freshman named Patrick Beverly how to get into the gym, only campers knew which Bud Walton door was unlocked. I also drove him to Campbell University’s camp in the middle of nowhere; Blue’s Creek, NC. Michael Jordan went there as a kid, good enough for him, good enough for my son. Shammond showed up at Campbell one day. And my son got him to sign a photo for me with said “Shoot more”.

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I bet he does not mention Duke or North Carolina even once. He’s a real pro. On the other hand, Dick Vitale, great guy, but he’d mention Duke 100 times, UNC 50, even though both would be totally irrelevant to the game at hand.

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Where were we ranked when we played Auburn last year? And Kentucky? Not questioning you one bit, just wondering.

Guess he’s not doing the legal stuff any more. Although his bio page talks a whole lot of basketball and exactly one legal case, involving a Barney costume.

Outside the Top 15. That came from Hog Stats (formerly known as Sloppy) on Twitter. He knows everything regarding our Hogs : )

Btw, I like Bilas too.

We were unranked when we beat Auburn and #18 when we beat Kentucky.


The fact we haven’t had a Top 15 matchup since 1995 is entirely our fault for being pretty mediocre for 25 seasons. We certainly had ranked opponents in BWA many times, and beat several of them.

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Bilas is a golf nut although he did not play until after college. He is one of several co-hosting a new golf podcast, 5clubs, on PGA Tour radio that began yesterday. He did his part live from Fayetteville last night. The other podcast co-hosts are Gary Williams, Gil Hanse and Emma Carpenter. Emma is a member of the college golf team at Minnesota. When I heard Emma it was like I was listening to Laura Rutledge.

Gil Hanse, fantastic golf course architect, was not on the podcast. He was in California supervising what can be done about some of the severe flood damage to some of the great courses in the San Francisco area.

I heard Jimmy invite Jay to come back to town this summer and play with him in the member-guest at Springdale CC. I was not sure if Jay committed to the golf tournament or not. They just sort of laughed at it. Maybe he agreed.

There are some great courses around Charlotte and I bet Jay has a couple of memberships. Maybe Jimmy can get an invite to play there, too.

I thought Jay and Jimmy did a decent enough job. It was probably odd for both of them.

I hope the Bilas never comes back to the Bud!

I hope he comes often. That means you are playing meaningful games. He is one of the best. I enjoy listening to him. You don’t like him calling a loss. You will like him calling a win. He is really smart and talented. He also is not afraid of expressing opinions you may not like. He may be right in what he says, although it may not be fun to hear it.


They did a good job last night. Jimmy talked about asking his wife to marry him at BWA. He’s good at his job. But folks love to rag him about something he said about Cal years ago. Glad I’ve never been on any kind of broadcast I can’t imagine how many times I would screw it up.

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It was kinda fun with two analysts going back and forth with analysis. Second half was not so much fun, but that’s because of what was happening on the court.


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