Rasir Bolton commits to Zags

Seems like there may be some smoke on the ISU transfer, even seen it mentioned tkday by a National guy? Would be a big time pickup but I can’t believe anything unless it comes from the transfer whisperer RD!

One to watch.

Doesn’t make sense with Lykes aboard.


If Arkansas nabs Bolton, then, imo, the Hogs will move back in front of Crimson Tide for best hoops recruiting class so far for '21-22.

Got 'Bama then Hogs at 1-2 in SEC so far, but Muss getting Rasir would flip that in Arkansas’s favor imo.

If Rasir comes in, it will be a perplexing decision on both sides. For Muss, it would be perplexing to use his last scholarship for Rasir with Lykes and KK already on the roster. For Rasir, it would be even more perplexing with Lykes on the roster.

But you never know what a recruit will do. At times, a school has ended up with twin towers. Maybe we can have two great PGs in the same. backcourt and have Devo come off the bench.

Just looking at Rasir’s stats, I don’t see him as a power 6 PG. His 3 yr assist to TO ratio is less than 1-1. He’s an excellent FT shooter, a good rebounding guard, a decent 3 point shooter, and his steals point towards a very good defender. His FG% has gone up every year, but his 3 pt% has gone down every year. This could point to the fact he’s got a very good mid-range game and/or is a good finisher at the rim. He was also on a really, really awful (2-22 / 0-18) team. That could account for some of the poor assist numbers.

Yeah if you’re passing to people who can’t throw a beachball in the ocean, it’s going to hamper your assist numbers.

Devo will not be coming off the bench, PJ.

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I would caution to assume there is just one scholarship available.

Might be, might not.

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I don’t really see Devo coming off the bench no matter who arrives here.


Considering he was one of our best players and on the floor at the end of games in the Great Eight, Devo is a hell of a player! He will play

He already transferred before, he may have to sit out a year.

That’s the logic in bringing him in.

Bolton will likely come in and sit out a season.

Bolton isn’t coming here to sit on the bench. He’s a stud. His assists/turnovers has a lot to do with being on terrible teams and having to do everything. Would be a major pickup.

I know that. That is why I said it would be perplexing move.

Dang. :cry:

We need a big anyway.

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Target A for Arkansas - The Serb.