Rashada asks for release from Florida

After his $13 million NIL deal fell apart.


Lots of pressure on that staff in year two after a disappointing regular season, a stinker bowl performance, and a challenging 23 schedule.

They go to Utah and play Tennessee in the first three weeks of the season, have a road game against a South Carolina team coming off its bye, and face a very difficult stretch of the Cocktail party, a home game vs. the Hogs and then a road game vs. LSU, with the season finale against resurgent Florida State to end the year. They better find a QB, among other things, or it could be a rough year.

What a cluster. Guarantee it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.
We are probably too far down the rabbit hole now.
Olivia Dunne is already a multimillionaire, and she has yet to compete for LSU this year. Doesn’t matter. She is internet famous, and now the whole LSU gymnastics team requires extra security because there are mobs surrounding their meets.
She has literally done nothing, except being hot.
What a time to be alive.:roll_eyes:

Yeah…the whole security thing came about after their recent meet at Utah and the fans their (mostly males of course from what I read) being a little too creeping and out of control. From what I gather, the gymnasts like to go into the stands after their performance and celebrate with the fans and now that is over as a result of the creeps/seedy fellas lol. No more of that and now a security guard with them going forward at all events and outside their locker room.

The old saying about reaping what you sow seems superficially applicable but it really is not…these players and to some similar degree, the program did not cause this avalanche of money to corrupt collegiate sports. I have previously said this and will continue to do so; the colleges and universities need to step in assuming direct control of collegiate sports. It is clear neither coaches nor players can’t be expected to create the structure and the level of control necessary to maintain something different than the absurdities of professional sports. The conferences are obviously self-serving with the primary interest in protecting television contract value by ludicrous expansion schemes, the coaches seem more like movies stars with their agents renegotiating megabuck contracts with little program control beyond the next year, student-athletes are quickly moving a transient status where agents in the shadows guide their placement based on flimsy promises of NIL payments, fans are being gouged for money to fund overbuilt athletic palaces and NIL slush funds, and the college students without perspective have less and less affiliation to programs more and more distant to college life. It has become tiresome to be a fan of something so disconnected from that history of long ago when a group of actual students and their teacher-coach traveled for two days to far away Texas and back to play a game with an odd-shaped pig’s bladder before a standing crowd lining a hardscrabble most dirt field. Those were termed “razorbacks,” not sure what tomorrow’s team should be called…maybe “checkers” as in Walmart — I don’t know.

for what it is worth

It’s called over playing your hand.

You don’t want to be that coach who knows an upset parent could be calling over every little thing once the kid gets to campus.