Rashad was one of the

of the kids I was thinking possibly wouldn’t visit this weekend.

From the sound of it, we moved on according to his reply on twitter. We must feel good elsewhere.

Sure hope we have someone of equal quality because that kids a player!

Man, we are entering new territory - turning away guys that we would have killed for last year…

We are seeing the impact of the new coaching staff now added to Sam’s recruiting power. Suddenly, we are getting JC recruits like we never did before, recruits from the state of Georgia, commits to major programs coming to visit, and now, 4 star recruits being turned away because we have better ones either publicly or privately committed, etc. Now, there is a big recruiting weekend coming up with a sell-out crowd waiting on Kentucky to visit. Long way to go yet but this bodes well for the future. JMVVVVVHO.

Wow…from the looks of it in his tweet responses we made the decision. As some have mentioned above, looks like we possibly have equal or better options per this staff. Hoping they are correct because he was a baller! Trust in CSP and the staff I guess on this one.

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