Are there any links to recruiting rankings on this site? I’m very worried about the 2017 class. We have 15 commits and are mired in the bottom of the SEC according TOS.

You can find them at the three national recruiting sites. Free, no subscription necessary.

Arkansas has 16 commits in the 2017 class, not 15.

The current rankings of the four major services are 29, 29, 31 and 37

Range from 9-11 in the SEC.

Arkansas has four 4-stars and the rest three stars.

It’s certainly understandable to worry, but I would caution coming back in off the ledge right now.

There are a few decisions coming soon that could see Arkansas have 20 before the season started and they would all be top shelf.

That would be the most in my 35 years of covering recruiting.

Arkansas believes it out-evaluates others. We’ll see.

I am no authority of course but DD is right about the recruits still waiting to commit. The rest of them being considered are very exceptional. 4 star material. We usually finish strong.

Some of those 3 star recruits/commits are very likely to get bumped up to 4 star by signing time.

Dudley can you give me your top from the 2015 class that we out evaluated other teams for.


I would say

Jamario Bell
Austin Cantrell
Colton Jackson
Ryan Pulley
Deon Stewart

If you meant 2016 - all these committed and then had people coming after them:

Hayden Johnsons
TJ Hammonds
De’Jon Harris
Dee Walker
Giovani LaFrance
Alexy Jean-Baptiste

I completely agree because these are early commitments before their SR season. The 3 star commitments can have good SR seasons and become 4 stars.

None of these players have contributed significantly for us so how can you say we out evaluated anyone for them.

Jemal Anderson who was a 2 star and then drafted in first round that no one else recruited is out evaluating. Who has BB evaluated and signed that has significantly contributed that no one else offered. Maybe it’s semantics but maybe you are saying these guys will likely be drafted???

I didn’t say that was MY opinion.

I said that Arkansas believes it out-evaluates others

You asked for a list and it is my belief that those are the guys ARKANSAS believes it has out-evaluated others to get.

I am also not making any predictions on people making the NFL before they ever played in a college game.

The players he listed were 2015 and 2016 signees. 2016 guys just got to campus so it would be hard for them to have already contributed. 2015 guys were all redshirted besides Pulley (who finished the season with an INT vs. Kansas State). Pulley and Jackson look to contribute more this season.

Beyond those classes I would say that the #1 guy who was under-recruited was Drew Morgan. He was a high 2 star/low 3 star (depending on site) with very little offers. Kevin Richardson was a walk-on who has become a pretty good player on our defense. Korliss Marshall would have been special if it wasn’t for off-the-field issues. Spaight was told he was “too small” to play in the SEC by Petrino’s staff… he went Juco and Bielema gave him a chance.

Overall if your concern is recruiting rankings then this must a long term problem for you. Arkansas has routinely finished in the 25 to 35 range. Bielema has recruited better overall (according to recruiting rankings) than any other coach previously:

Here is the 247 composite recruiting rankings year by year since 2000:

2002: 25 http://247sports.com/Season/2002-Footba … amRankings
2003: 42 http://247sports.com/Season/2003-Footba … amRankings
2004: 24 http://247sports.com/Season/2004-Footba … amRankings
2005: 28 http://247sports.com/Season/2005-Footba … amRankings
2006: 25 http://247sports.com/Season/2006-Footba … amRankings
2007: 38 http://247sports.com/Season/2007-Footba … amRankings

Houston Nutt’s Average Recruiting Class(final 6 cycles): 30.3

2008: 27 http://247sports.com/Season/2008-Footba … amRankings
2009: 21 http://247sports.com/Season/2009-Footba … amRankings
2010: 41 http://247sports.com/Season/2010-Footba … amRankings
2011: 21 http://247sports.com/Season/2011-Footba … amRankings
2012: 28 http://247sports.com/Season/2012-Footba … amRankings

Bobby Petrino’s Average Recruiting Class: 27.6

2013: 23 http://247sports.com/Season/2013-Footba … amRankings
2014: 29 http://247sports.com/Season/2014-Footba … amRankings
2015: 23 http://247sports.com/Season/2015-Footba … amRankings
2016: 26 http://247sports.com/Season/2016-Footba … amRankings

Bret Bielema’s Average Recruiting Class: 25.25

Arkansas Razorback Football Recruiting Average from 2002-2016: 28.06