I’m thinking us and Ole Miss will about swap. We’ll fall to the lower teens, Ole miss moves up to 13 possibly 12. But the top three could be Georgia Iowa Cincinnati?

Some of the prediction rankings, have exactly that. Ole Miss at #13, us at #17, GA 1, Iowa 2, Cincy 3, OU 4, and Bama 5

Even though we lost and it still stings I thought yesterday was the best day of college football in a couple of years. One game after another I was into it almost like it was my Hogs.

We’re 17th in AP, 19th coaches. Rebnecks are 13th and 14th.

A&M one ahead of us in the coache’s poll rubs me the wrong way. Oh well, it is what it is.

Same here. I understand it’s bama, but they have looked awful the whole season until Saturday. The fact that Bama only fell 4 spots to an unranked team is atrocious. If it was us, they would have thrown us out of the top 25.

There are those who thought 37-0 at Athens would get us thrown out. It didn’t. Neither did 52-51.

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