Rankings with Big10 and PAC12 out

I may have missed it if this was discussed, but does anyone know how the ranking services will handle the rankings with some conferences not playing? Right now, the preseason polls have Big10 and PAC12 teams scattered throughout the Top 25. Will it default to only the teams actually playing fall ball?

The AP preseason poll can include any teams, but beginning Week 1 the poll will include only teams that are playing.

If there has ever been a year where polls are meaningless, this is it. I guess a team can still be in the top 25 of 3/5ths of the football world. I suppose the better teams in the weaker conferences will become ranked at some point. However, without interleague play, it’s going to be very hard to evaluate.

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I’m guessing we will pop into the Top 25 after we win our first two games. Auburn will likely be 1-1 going into our game at Auburn on 10 October as I don’t see Georgia going 0-2 in their first two games.

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I’d say in the absence of non-conference games it’s going to be more emphasis put on the eye test and margin of victory. So if you get someone down, grind their face in the dirt. I would guess top teams are going to keep their starters in a little longer this year.

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