Rankings: there is a discrepancy

Yeah, so there is. Be interesting to see how this looks at start of conference, and then check again half way mark of conference. :sunglasses:

It is awfully early. I’m a believer that there should be no polls released until well into the season (in any sport).

I never pay attention to Collegiate Baseball. Ever.

I have said it here before, but I suspect there are not many individuals who vote in the Collegiate Baseball poll, and whoever votes in it either seems to be out of touch with the SEC or trying to construct a poll that is not SEC top heavy.

It is an odd look when D1Baseball has Arkansas and Ole Miss ranked second and third, respectively, and Collegiate Baseball has them ranked 23rd and 22nd, and falling three spots apiece despite series wins.

I think most of the polls have a small number of voters, including Baseball America and D1Baseball. But with both of those polls you can trust the voters have a good sense of what is happening. I don’t have that confidence with the Collegiate Baseball poll.

I’ve also mentioned this, but all of the above is one of the reasons we use the coaches poll as our ranking of record for baseball.

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