Rankings for week of March 29

D1 has the Hogs remaining at #2. Vandy is 1, Rebnecks 3.

I can’t argue with that…

Would absolutely love to sweep the Rebnecks in Oxford.

I’m pretty amazed Texass is in the top 5 after the way they got steamrolled at Arlington. Guess David Pierce got them turned around.

Tech lost all 3 as well, and have lost only once since

It just shows how good the SEC is. The xii-ii is not as bad as they were made to seem in Arlington.

True, but at least Tech was competitive. Texas got thumped three times.

I have no problem with Vandy at #1, their 1-2 starters are ridiculous right now, less than 1 ERA for the two COMBINED!

I’m just proud we don’t have to Play Vandy until maybe the SEC tournament.

Baseball America: #1

USA Today (Coach poll): #2

I know that there are other polls, but I couldn’t find them quickly.

Collegiate Baseball: #4 (up from 5)
NCBWA #2 (up from 3)

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