Rankings are drifting out

D1 Baseball: 5, up from 7
Baseball America: 4, up from 8
RPI: 5, down from 4 (sweeping Bama actually dragged us down)

Hogs jumped three spots to No. 4 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -4-0-week/


D1 Baseball: 5, up from 7
Baseball America: 4, up from 8
RPI: 5, down from 4 (sweeping Bama actually dragged us down)

[/quote]Maybe there’s a new component for # of walks?


No, but there is a component for playing the worst team in the conference at home. RPI doesn’t take scores or the eye test into account at all. Wouldn’t have mattered if we won all three games 30-0 with three perfect games from our pitchers.

Amazingly, LSU has the third-worst RPI in the conference. But from an RPI standpoint, it’s a good thing we’re playing them in Red Stick.

With three weeks left in the season, Warren Nolan’s predicted RPI has us finishing at 5, exactly where we are now. Projected record from here out is 6-3, which isn’t bad considering six of the final nine are roadies.

IMO, we’ll do very well indeed to win six of the final nine, considering who we play and where the games are. LSU is always tough for us, regardless of where we play them, or the circumstances of either team; A&M is a quality team with great pitching; and Georgia is a young, talented team playing very well - and it’s at their place.

I’m looking forward to watching the games. But I’d take 6-3 now and call it a day, if I could.

Warren Nolan has projected game by game results on his site too, but those appear to be pretty much garbage. Our projected results are as follows: Sweep LSU, sweep A&M, get swept by Georgia. Is that theoretically possible? Yeah. Will it happen? Highly unlikely. I could see 6-3 in a couple of ways: Sweep A&M (we’ve still only lost one SEC game at home), go 2-1 at Georgia and 1-2 at LSU (I’ll believe we can win a series at the Box when I see it). Or go 2-1 against all three. Sweep-sweep-swept is the least likely path to 6-3.

One more Nolan tidbit: The projected final RPI for LSU is 68. They would have no chance to make the NCAA field with that number unless they run the table in Hoover.

Me & thee, Wiz, me & thee.

As bad as I hate to say it, I think 4-5 is more realistic. Lose 2 games each at LSU & UGA, win 2 against A&M at home. We haven’t played well on the road. Losing at both OM & UF, getting swept at MSU. That’s 2-7. Not good at all. If we could win either of the road series, win the series at home, & not get swept at all, that’d be 5-4 & a record I’d be pretty happy with. 6-3 would thrill me. Anything better is, well, almost too good to be true. Getting swept at MSU really hurt us from a conf record standpoint. If we were 14-7 right now we’d be in great shape to win the west & almost a shoe-in for a super even if we had a 4-5 finish. 6-3 is doable, but it’s a tall order, especially with Cronin out of the lineup & Campbell struggling. Knight, Murphy, Reindl, & Loseke have to be on top of their game unless someone else really steps up. We can’t have outings like we had yesterday from the first 5 pitchers & expect to beat any of the teams left on our schedule.

I would take 6-3 and run away quickly.